House Rules

Safe and affordable flats in Boksburg


Visiting Hours in the building are from 10 o’clock in the morning to 9 o’clock at night. A maximum of two visitors will
be allowed per flat per day and won’t be allowed to spend the night unless prior arrangement has been made with the building manager. Any visitor caught sleeping over without consent from the building manager will be billed R200 that is payable at head office upon which the visitors I.D. would be released.


The stoeps, balconies or verandahs of the leased premises are to be used solely as such and shall not be converted into rooms nor shall they be furnished other than with the customary stoep tables and chairs.
The balconies shall be kept clean and free from cigarette butts, papers, etc. at all times.
Blockages to full bores, drains or outlets will be the Lessee’s responsibility and costs of clearing any blockage or damage as a result thereof will be for the Lessee’s account.


The Lessee shall be responsible for the behavior of all his employees at or in the building.
Should the Landlord, in its sole discretion, decide that the behavior of whatsoever nature of the Tenant’s employees constitute a nuisance to the Landlord or Tenant, or to the Landlord or Tenant’s employees, the Landlord shall be entitled to deny the said employees access to the building and/or any section of the building.


Fire extinguishers, fire hoses, hose reels and hydrants shall not be tampered with or removed.
As this is a criminal offense, any person caught tampering with or removing same will immediately be reported to the South African Police Service.


5.1 Carpet and Carpet Cleaning:
The Lessee shall not affix wall-to-wall carpeting with adhesives or other materials, nor may nails, tacks or similar articles be used for securing carpets, which must be laid loosely up to the skirting’s.
If the leased premises are fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting, the Tenant shall, upon vacating the leased premises, bear the full cost of the expense of having the carpets professionally cleaned.

5.2 Tiles:
If the leased premises are tiled, the Tenant shall, upon vacating the leased premises, have the tiles washed and cleaned.

5.3 Wooden / Parquet Flooring;
The Tenants hall maintain such floors in good order and repair.


Neither the Lessee, his employee/s, any member of his household, nor any visitors to the leased premises shall pollute any room, balcony, passage, driveway, garden, corridor, stairway, path, lane, yard or ground which is intended for the common use of himself and/or other occupiers of other flats in the building, nor place any belongings or refuse in any such common area or upon any window sill, nor eject anything there from or into any part of such common or adjoining place or any street.
No person/s shall be permitted to hang around or sit on the stairways or at the front or back entrances to the building.
Urinating on the stairways, in the passages and in the lifts will NOT be tolerated.


The Lessee shall utilize only the Goods Lift/s for the moving of furniture in order to prevent damage to the Passenger Lift/s. Any person/s caught damaging any lifts will be prosecuted and liable for payment of the repairs and all damages.
Children are not permitted in the Goods Lift/s and must be accompanied by an adult in the Passenger Lift/s.
Lift doors, buttons, etc. are to be handled with extreme caution.
Smoking is prohibited in the Goods Lift/s and the Passenger Lift/s.


Any repairs and/or maintenance, especially plumbing or electrical, shall immediately be reported to the Caretaker as well as to the Agent.
General repairs shall be affected at the sole discretion of the Agent.
Lessees are instructed not to overload the electrical plugs or cause them to burn out. Should they do so they will be held responsible for payment of all repairs.
The Lessee shall supply all electrical bulbs and/or fluorescent tubes at his own expense to the leased premises.


Neither the Lessee, his employee/s, any member of his household, nor any visitors to the leased premises shall cause annoyance, disturbance, interference or obstruction to the peaceful occupation of occupiers of other premises in the building.
Children occupying or visiting the leased premises shall be controlled so as not to cause annoyance or disturbance to the occupiers of other premises in the building.
Children are prohibited from playing in the stairways or in the communal passages or in the lifts.
Abusiveness towards the occupiers of other premises in the building will not be tolerated.


Overcrowding in contravention of the lease will not be tolerated. Where overcrowding does take place, the Lessees concerned will be given notice to vacate the premises.


The Lessee shall not park or allow anyone else to park any motor vehicle/s in the grounds of the property other than in any area demarcated as an area for parking of vehicles and then subject to and in accordance with any contract relating to such parking area of which such vehicle is parked.


The Lessee shall not change any light fittings, curtain rails or pelmets without the prior written consent of the Agent and/or Landlord.
The Lessee shall not erect security gates, burglar bars or any other permanent fixture/s without the prior written consent of the Agent and/or Landlord.
Security gates and burglar bars may not be removed from the leased premises and will become the property of the Landlord. No compensation will be payable to the Lessee for any security gates or burglar bars installed or the cost of such installation.

13. PETS

The Lessee shall not be permitted to keep pets of any kind in any part of the leased premises.


Refuse is to be placed in the refuse bins provided and not next to or around these bins.


The Agent and the security guards, if applicable, employed by the Lessor and/or Agent shall not be responsible for damages caused by attempted theft, burglary or any other cause whatsoever.
Where applicable, the main entrance and security gates will be locked at all times and all visitors shall be required to complete the visitors book and provide proof of identity to the security guard on duty before being allowed entrance to the building.
Visitors not complying with the aforementioned will not be allowed entrance to the building.


The service ducts are there for the sole use of contractors and the doors to the service ducts are not to be tampered with or opened.


Neither washing nor clothing nor linen shall be hung from the balconies, windows or window sills of the leased premises.


Windows inside the leased premises shall be kept clean at all times.


If you are aware of any non-compliance with any of the above, please report to the Agent for action.

Community Guidelines