City Improvement District & Urban Management

As part of the inner-city community we want to contribute to creating a happier healthy inner city. The City Improvement Districts assist us to do this, by offering a variety complimentary and supplementary services to ensure cleaner, safer spaces. The CID’s are committed to upliftment and improvement of the inner-city area.

Jozi Housing is involved in the following CIDS

  • Fashion Improvement District (FID) – Inner City
  • Retail Improvement District (RID) – Inner City
  • Hillbrow Ekhaya Improvement District (HEID) – Hillbrow
  • Legae La Rona Improvement District (LLR) – Berea

What is City Improvement District?

 A City Improvement District (CID) is a non-profit organisation operating within a defined geographic area within which property owners agree to pay a levy for supplementary and complimentary services set to enhance the physical and social environment of the area. CIDs are aimed at ensuring a safe, clean, friendly and well-managed neighbourhood where property owners, their managers and tenants have confidence that the service providers, namely; SAPS, JMPD, City Power, Johannesburg Water, JRA, Pikitup, City Parks and the Department of Environmental Health will deliver and sustain effective services to the precinct, together with supplementary services to achieve an acceptable standard of management of the public space.

CID’s does not only focus on supplementing municipal services on the public space (security and cleaning), but CID’s also initiate programmes which brings the community together to try eliminate bad elements within the neighbourhood.

Benefits of becoming
part of City Improvement District

Helping to keep our city clean

Creating safe communal spaces

Assistance with by-law compliance

Monitoring of illegal trading and dumping

Rapid resolution of logged faults