About Jozi

We are a rental housing company specializing in providing affordable and safe housing. Established in 2003, we have been providing affordable accommodation for almost two decades.

With over 3000 flats in Berea, Hillbrow, CBD and Boksburg. We are committed to creating a happy and safe place for you to call home.

Our Values

We at all times do our best to make choices based on our values.

Community Guidelines

Jozi Housing buildings are your home, a safe place for you to come back to at the end of each day.

Safety requires a communal effort.

When you move into a Jozi Housing building you agree to abide by the following community agreements:

    We treat each other with respect by:
    Listening to understand each other.

    Speaking calmly and patiently to other flat dwellers.

    Being a neighbour towards everyone in the building
    We do not physically or verbally harm another person in the building.

    We communicate clearly and honestly.

    We do not lie and are not fraudulent in any of our interactions

    We are accountable for our actions
    Should there be a dispute, we apologies and make amends when we have failed to honour any of the above- mentioned agreements.

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Affordable Safe Housing Joburg Buildings Flats