The Wonderbag has been Launched!

Who ever thought of cooking in a bag? Over a million people world-wide aredoing just that and now you can too. Jozi Housing was proud to be part of the launch of the revolutionary Wonderbag in Johannesburg. This amazing product saves you time and electricity! Once your food is brought to the boil you place it in the Wonderbag where it continues to cook for up to 8 hours without using any more power. Jozi H Activation Committee is headed internally by Grace Mahlangu, received training from the makers of the bag and she and her team would be happy to help you to join the growing number of Wonderbag users.

Grace: 087 802 2167
Melissa Ntombeni: 078 977 9142

Wonderbag Agents:
Rose Jowore: 078 414 8672
Dumuzile Ndiweni: 073 967 8420

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