City Improvement District & Urban Management

Owning more than 24 buildings throughout the Inner City, Jozi Housing (Ltd) Pty pride itself by not only providing affordable accommodation but also contributing in making public spaces conducive to its tenants and the community at large. One would ask, how so? Over the past years Jozi Housing (Pty) Ltd has been involved in various City Improvement Districts throughout the Inner City. To be more precise, the company is involved in 5 City Improvement Districts, namely:

  • Hillbrow Improvement District (HID),
  • Ekhaya Neighbourhood,
  • Legae La Rona Improvement District (LLR),
  • Fashion Improvement District (FID) and
  • Retail Improvement District (RID).

What is City Improvement District?

A City Improvement District (CID) is a non-profit organisation operating within a defined geographic area within which property owners agree to pay a levy for supplementary and complimentary services set to enhance the physical and social environment of the area.

CIDs are aimed at ensuring a safe, clean, friendly and well-managed neighbourhood where property owners, their managers and tenants have confidence that the service providers, namely; SAPS, JMPD, City Power, Johannesburg Water, JRA, Pikitup, City Parks and the Department of Environmental Health will deliver and sustain effective services to the precinct, together with supplementary services to achieve an acceptable standard of management of the public space.

CID’s does not only focus on supplementing municipal services on the public space (security and cleaning), but CID’s also initiate programmes which brings the community together to try eliminate bad elements within the neighbourhood.

Benefits of becoming part of City Improvement District

The following are some of the benefits Jozi Housing (Pty) Ltd receives for becoming part of CIDs:

  • Clean and safe public space
  • Public parking improvements
  • Illegal trading and dumping
  • Noise pollution
  • Immediate resolve of fault loggings (missing manhole covers, blocked water drainage, street lights etc.)

The above mentioned benefits has made Jozi Housing (Pty) Ltd to become part of such amazing initiatives because we want our tenants to be safe and live in a clean space at all times. But such great things don’t come cheap. Jozi Housing (Pty) Ltd buildings which fall within the 5 CIDs their tenants are required to pay a levy of not more than R21.00 per month.

Summary of services that Jozi Housing Building gets per CID

The following table illustrate services which each CID receives on a daily bases. The services received per CID vary because of the number of property owners involved and monthly contributions (levy) received. The services are mostly targeted at public spaces such as parks and streets.

City Improvement District Building Services CID Coordinator
 Hillbrow Improvement District (HID)
  • Stefan Court
  • Carhill
  • Steenberg
  • Braemar Court


  • 6 x guards plus 1 reaction vehicle

Ntombi Mamabolo

083 596 0960

 Ekhaya Neighbourhood
  • Waverley Court
  • Dolphin Square
  • Fontana Inn
  • Park Royal
  • The Senator


  • 8 x guards plus 1 reaction vehicle
  • 9 CCTV cameras


  • 2 cleaning groups from MES

Bafikile Mkhize

076 888 7982

 Legae La Rona (LLR)
  • La Rosa
  • Toward Close
  • Tudhope Gardens
  • The Sands
  • The Mark
  • Aintree
  • Coronia Gardens
  • Seven Oaks
  • Witberg


  • 2 x guards plus 1 reaction car
  • 13 state of the art CCTV cameras


  • 7 cleaners plus 1 supervisor

Humphrey Nkosi

081 518 1681

 Fashion Improvement District (FID)
  •  The Registry


  • 1 x reaction car (cleaning crew acting as eyes and ears)


  • Day – 8 x cleaners plus 1 supervisor
  • Night – 6 x cleaners plus 1 supervisor

Dumisani Maluleke

081 530 0893

 Retail Improvement District (RID)
  •  Manners Mansions


  • Day – 22 x guards plus 1 supervisor
  • Night – 6 x guards plus 1 supervisor
  • 5 x bicycles plus 1 vehicle


  • 17 cleaners including a supervisor

Kelvin Tshabalala

061 256 5299

As much as we look after our own buildings as Jozi Housing (Pty) Ltd, it is also important to take care of the surrounding spaces which most of the time our tenant spend time in.


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